Why I love lotuses….

jewel-lotus-2When my daughter was in pre-school, she made me a necklace of macaroni threaded on yarn. I wore it and loved it. She made me a necklace of brightly colored plastic beads on an even brighter pink plastic cord. I loved it and wore that, too. Next came a big wooden beaded necklace on a very long shoe lace followed by a black corded necklace  with a single metal charm in the shape of star. I loved them all and wore them all. And then a few years ago she gave me another necklace….a silver lotus on a thin silver chain. I love it and wear it all the time. A lotus. A symbol so old, whose seeds can last a thousand years and still be viable. A lotus. Representing perfection, elegance and beauty, purity and grace, the most divine qualities of the feminine. A lotus, whose roots are in the ground and whose leaves and blossoms float on the water. A lotus is often associated with Buddhism, symbolizing divine birth. I am not a Buddhist but I do believe it is better to be nice than to be right, to be gentle and kind and not hard and firm, to sometimes just listen and not speak.  As a lotus unfolds, its beauty becomes breathtaking.  I think a pregnant woman is just like that…unfolding, becoming more of who she is, becoming a mother, unfolding, opening. And like a lotus, her hidden inside jewel is praised for she is growing a baby, the ultimate gift a woman can give herself and her world-the promise of a future. A lotus, floating and grounded, attached and yet unattached. A lotus, letting go and holding on. Opening. Unfolding. Becoming.

light pink lotus


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